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Strength & Conditioning for Teams and Individuals

In today’s world of sports, young and veteran athletes can benefit from a sound strength and conditioning program. Post season, off season, pre-season, in season; strength and conditioning has it’s purpose in your athlete’s training. To prevent injury and improve, peak, and maintain performance throughout the entirety of the season, a sound S&C program allows athletes to perform at optimal levels and develop confidence within the team and as an individual.

RTBP uses science and proven methods to develop a year round strength and condition program for both team and individual sport athletes. We thrive in our ability to engage with our athletes, provide strong support systems, and help them develop life skills beyond the field and the weight room. While athletes get stronger and faster, they also become a person of great character.

All programs will include and will be coached by, Coach Morgan – former Head S&C Coach for all UDC Firebird teams. Learn more about the coach by clicking here.

  • Various methods of resistance training from: Olympic lifting, powerlifting, free weights, body weight, TRX, Kettlebells, machine based training, plyometrics, and agility.
  • Appropriate progressions based on season, age, and training experience.
  • Corrective exercise to help with any imbalances and injury prevention/recovery
  • Appropriate volume, load, and exercises based on sport, training experience, age, and season.
  • Nutritional guidance and education
  • Individual valuations, as needed, to continue progressions throughout all seasons.
  • Leadership, character, and team building activities.

Pricing & Training Details:

  • Rates vary based on individual training vs. team training and program needs and requirements.
  • Sessions are based on season and availability of both the team, individual, and coach.
  • Sessions can be booked by sport coaches and/or athletes parents.

Set up a consultation by emailing Morgan at

Give your athletes the chance to optimize their training and compete at their highest level – injury prevention and athletic ability lasts a lifetime!

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