Raising The Bar Performance – A resource for athletes who strive to continuously raise the bar every day.

Mission: To provide resources that allow athletes to excel in athletic performance and general fitness. Through scientifically proven methods of training, nutrition guidance, and a strong support system, we promise to challenge each athlete/client to raise the bar a little higher everyday. We won’t let you settle for mediocre, but instead expose you to the potential you have hidden away.

 Strength and Conditioning |Sports Performance |Powerlifting |Body Composition & Weight Management 
Our programs are specific to your needs with weekly coaching and feedback to ensure you have the support and guidance to achieve your goals.

As a Performance Coach & Personal Trainer,  and an an aspiring competitive Powerlifter, I invite you to share this knowledge resource and journey with me!

“Through training and blogging, my goal is to make it fun, simple, and possible! That is not to say the road won’t be hard, the grit won’t be real, and your mental vitality won’t be tested. Here you will find content including, but not limited to; methods of training for all sports (researched and tried), PowerLifting fun, goal oriented nutrition tips/yummy recipes, general fitness (myths vs. the real deal), and some added fun and entertainment!”


Sign up to start a program today – see coaching and training services to learn more!

Training & Coaching Services 

– Morgan Shetler (Independent Performance Coach & Personal Trainer)


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